June 27, 2016

Honor Code

The following is the Honor Code of the Missouri University of Science and Technology Student Body, as approved in the Constitution of the Missouri S&T Student Council.

We the students of the Missouri University of Science and Technology support this Honor Code to represent our ideals and values as individual students as well as a unified Student Body. We shall hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity both on campus and off, seeking to uphold this high standard of conduct and encourage such attitudes and actions in others.
We believe that the most important aspects of a strong moral code are based in Honesty and Respect. These values are defined as followed:

  1. Honesty: In the ideal student, honesty is represented by the attitude of individuality. This is represented by a student constantly striving to perform all work themselves and to credit all statements, ideas, references, etc. where it is due. A student also has the responsibility to ensure prevention of any academic dishonesty (i.e.: cheating, copying homework, etc.). A student must also refrain from using any sources or methods of completion that are unadvised and/or forbidden by individual instructors or campus standards. Lastly, Honesty is intrinsically based on Respect which is our next core belief in this Honor Code.
  2. Respect: Respect is important in every aspect of life. On this campus, it is vital for every student to respect themselves, other students, and all university employees. This entails accepting and obeying requests by campus officials and instructors, so long as such request is within the proper bounds of their position, and respecting the opinions and differences of other students while seeking to understand those differences, as opposed to than causing conflict. Students must also respect the educational processes of this campus, including instructor’s lessons and the performance and study habits of other students, and refrain from any other act that could have a negative impact on some form of intellectual development. Students should show humility regarding any successes achieved, as well as maintain professionalism when dealing with disagreements.

In conclusion, we, as students, recognize that by following this Honor Code, we are representing the ideals of the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Through these ideals, we strive for self-improvement in both our character and intellect. We look to better our lives and the lives of those around us, and realize that with these simple values, there is no limit to what we can achieve.