January 31, 2018

Fitness Center

  • About the Project

    The fitness center expansion is a project that over doubles the size of the current fitness center. The bottom floor will become entirely weightlifting, with cardio equipment and a multipurpose room on the second floor. The multipurpose room will be available to reserve like the existing multipurpose rooms, but will also have programming such as cycling classes. This renovation relocate and update the main entrance to not only the fitness center, but Gale Bullman as a whole. The new Fitness Center entrance will have card swipe turnstile access like what you see in metropolitan train stations. The entrance will be set back a few feet into the center so that there is front desk access if there is an issue with your ID. The budget for the expansion is approximately $4 million, with about $500k going to new equipment for the fitness center.

    Additionally be on the lookout for extended hours (now open until 10:45pm on weekdays) both now and when the expansion is complete. Please feel free to fill out a Say Anything Form, or email Madison Moore if you have any questions regarding the fitness center expansion or suggestions for new equipment.

  • FAQ About the Fitness Center!

    Q: Why are we spending money on this when we have buildings like Shrenk hall that are falling apart?

    A: Students already pay $43/semester towards the current fitness center and turf fields. This fee originally covered maintenance costs as well as paying off the internal loan we received to build the original facility and field. The loan has been paid off which freed up a large portion of that fee. Around this same time, a student interest survey indicated that the fitness center was in need of the most attention(or more space). Because of this Student Council voted to dedicate the existing fee to go towards paying off a new internal loan that would pay for the expansion of the fitness center.

    Q: Okay, but we still have buildings falling apart, why aren’t we fixing those?

    A: the money that the student body directly controls is the Student Activity Fee. No part of the Student Activity Fee goes to pay for an academic building or related work (IE does not pay for lab equipment, desks, etc).

    Q: Will the fitness center be closed for construction?

    A: Unfortunately yes, for the summer, fall semester and a portion of the spring semester.

    Q: Will the student workers lose their jobs during the closing?

    A: No, those that want to will be placed elsewhere in the division of student affairs.

    Q: Where will we work out while the fitness center is closed?

    A: There will be satellite workout spaces throughout the student rec center with bikes and ellipticals, weight lifting is available in the varsity weight room Monday-Friday from 4-6pm (hours may change in the fall). Additionally students have the option of purchasing a monthly membership at $25/month from The Center. All of these offers require a valid student ID to be presented.

    Q: When will the fitness center expansion be completed?

    A: April 2019

  • News and Updates

    Student Council invited students, faculty, and staff to attend a groundbreaking ceremony on April 12th.
    You can read about it here: https://econnection.mst.edu/2018/04/digging-in-students-break-ground-for-fitness-center-expansion/