April 27, 2016

Publicity Request


Publicity Service for Student Organizations

The Student Council Public Relations Committee is seeking to coordinate and assist with student-led marketing efforts as well as provide feedback to the Admissions Office and other administrators about campus marketing from a student perspective. We also communicate to campus the activities and events that Student Council sponsors.


What you do:
1.  Make the flyer you want to be posted
2.  Email the Public Relations Committee a pdf copy of it at flyers-grp@mst.edu
3.  Pick up your flyers from the STUCO office

Please submit your flyers no later than a week prior to when you need them.

A successful advertising campaign goes beyond flyers to include the following:

– Submit event on calendar.mst.edu
– Submit your event to the eConnection at involvement.mst.edu
– Consider looking at the other options for alternative advertising found here

Looking to enhance your print advertising? Take advantage of the cloud builder tool to create professional flyers without design software or experience on brand.mst.edu